Location and map

La Maya Beach

On the map you can see the entire complex and the location of our apartments. Section D (Luxury Apartments) is located slightly higher and has a private entrance, a second pool and an even more impressive view. You can walk to the beach via the adjacent stairs.

If you want to go shopping or go to Jan Thiel Beach, it is recommended to rent a car. By car you are within 3 minutes of Jan Thiel Beach, 10 minutes of Seaquarium Beach and 15 minutes of the downtown area of Punda and Otrobanda. Please let us know if we may help you with car rental.

Directions from Hato airport to La Maya Beach.

  1. When you drive away from Hato, head towards Otrobanda / Punda.
  2. You will cross the high bridge over the Anna Bay.
  3. Then you take a right turn at Salina. You will see a Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Mc Donalds on the corners.
  4. Take a  left turn on the roundabout  in the direction of Jan Thiel/ Caracas Bay.
  5. Keep following this road. You will pass a Burger King on your right side, then “Villapark Zuurzak”, followed by “Lagunisol”. Then you will see a black sign on your right with “C-Bay Deluxe Resort”.  Take a left directly after the sign.
  6. When you have turned left, the road should go slightly uphill. You will then see an orange wall/house. Stick to the right.
  7. The road will then go slightly downhill, take the first turn right, at the end you will see the gates to La Maya Beach.

Please call 005999 670 7611, we will open the gate to welcome you.

location and mapDirections Map