Culinary delights on Curacao

Curacao has a rich variety of restaurants. This wide variation reflects the cultural mix that makes the island unique. From local Krioyo to Haute Cuisine, from ribs to deluxe sushi, it is all there. La Maya Beach itself has no restaurant, which is why we present this selection to you. Pass by our reception for reservations or for tips and advice.

Jan Thiel Area

The Pier

The Pier offers international cuisine with a varied choice of world cuisines. The menu is a la carte and the restaurant offers an additional daily menu.

Brakkeput Mei Mei

This outdoor bar-restaurant has a unique location. It is the front porch of a historic nineteenth century plantation house. The restaurant has a nightly theme. This theme can range from salsa and live music to a paella and lobster night. Brakkeput Mei Mei has a shuttle service.


In a romantic setting under the tropical sky and overlooking the Spanish Waters, you can enjoy good food and music on a comfortable floating terrace. For an evening in a pleasant tropical atmosphere, at reasonable prices. Easy access for disabled people. Tabooshh has a shuttle service.

Pop’s Place

A local restaurant located on the Caracas Bay Beach. At Pop’s Place you can enjoy local food at a low price, right on the water. There is no need to book beforehnd.

Culinary Beach Jan Thiel

On Jan Thiel Beach, near the famous Zanzibar, there are several excellent restaurants in a beautiful setting on the beach.

Zanzibar, Tinto and Zest

Together, Zanzibar, Tinto and Zest form the culinairy Jan Thiel beach . All three of these excellent restaurants are situated in a beautiful setting on the beach. Zanzibar reflects the warmth and cosiness of East Africa. The menu is international. Tinto combines French cuisine with the best quality Argentinian meat. Zest provides the taste sensation of all the good elements of the Mediterranean cuisine and also has a deli where you can pick up some nice treats.


Quick, tasty and thoughtful, that is Boosty! For a delicious fresh salad or a sandwich with fresh ingredients go for Boosty. Boosty is located in the Eden shopping mall on Caracasbaaiweg. Would you like to bring a picnic and explore the island or a sandwich to take to the beach? In this case Boosty is the ideal choice for you. Place your order at the reception of La Maya Beach.


Gouverneur de Rouville

Directly located on the Anna Bay, with stunning views on the “Handelskade”. Besides an extensive internationally oriented menu, you can also go for local food.


The restaurant Baoase is located on the premises of the five -star resort also named Baoase, near Stone Empire. You can choose amongst the luxurious and special dishes whilst enjoying a Balinese setting.

Saint Tropez Oceanclub

The French jet-set feeling on Curacao can be experienced in Saint Tropez Oceanclub. The restaurant is a beautiful piece of modern design, yet cozy and homely. Enjoy an international menu with dishes ranging from chicken satay to lobster, all prepared with the freshest ingredients. The cocktails are also highly recommended.

The Blues

On the wooden pier in the atmospheric Avila Beach Hotel, you will find The Blues restaurant. International cuisine, delicious lobster, seafood and live jazz music. With a beautiful sunset and the opportunity to dine till late.